Are you a student, professional or pensioner …

… and do you want to contribute your time, skills and energy to a project that appeals to you and where you can make a difference? Whether you are looking for a voluntary placement, an internship or you are planning a sabbatical, we can help you organise for this. 12VOLUNTEER is a small scale organisation that mediates for those who are looking for an opportunity to contribute there where it’s mostly needed. We are an experienced team and pursue a personal approach. We aim for structured and effective cultural exchanges and with this actually contribute and make the difference.

Volunteer your skills and energy working at an orphanage or school, a greening project or clinic. Have your internship at a hospital or radio station, in ICT or waste management. Spend your sabbatical helping at a kindergarten or home for challenged people, foster home or vocational training centre.

Besides your daily contribution to the project, 12VOLUNTEER allocates part of the funds for you to donate to your project. Together with your project-coordinator and the people at your project, you can decide what you want to use the funds for. You can choose for example to freshly paint the walls of the orphanage you work at, to buy books and pens for your school or to donate medical supplies to the hospital or clinic you intern at. In this way you can see for yourself how every little helps.

If you can identify with our approach and you have found a field of your interest, then go to APPLICATION to see where to go from here. If you are not sure what project would suit you or if you have any questions, we are happy to help. You can send an e-mail to Silke: silke@12volunteer.org or call our office during office hours on +49 (0)176-24962110.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Yours 12VOLUNTEER-Team

Who we are


Silke Grunow – Project Coordinator

Silke studied International Relations at Dresden University of Technology and Ghent University. Silke’s love for travelling and discovering new cultures turned into a profession after she graduated. For several years she worked for the German Development Service in Sudan and Ghana, where she advised local organisations and self-help initiatives in the most varied fields. (more…)

Why with us?

Why with us?

The intention to go to an unknown location, to have a placement organised with people who you don’t know personally, certainly poses the question whether you have made the right choice.

Here are some points in our favour: (more…)